The MK-V ‘AR’ Omega Revolution System

The fundamental use of Steadicam has always been a simple one; to stabilise the camera over terrain that cannot be laid with track and dolly.

The MK-V Omega System is the perfect addition to a regular Steadicam. Basically it’s a roll cage, the camera sits in, mounted on top of a Steadicam rig. The Omega-R’s electronic and software driven system actively stabilises the roll cage and with it the camera roll axis.

The MK-V Omega rig can perform smooth tracking shots just like a regular Steadicam. In addition, the Omega gives the operator the ability to switch from high-mode to low-mode and vis versa in less than a second, whilst maintaining a perfectly level horizon during the shot. As the Steadicam rigs center post no longer needs to be kept vertical the camera can now move in ‘mid-mode’ over and under objects like tables, counters or through window frames.

The Omega combines the flexibility of a Steadicam with the boom range of a jib arm, taking body mounted camera stabilisation to a new level. Framing a shot between ground level and 2,5 meters is a matter of seconds.

The MK-V Omega-R System’s design is fully modular and lightweight. The design is made from the latest electronics, custom composites and alloys to give fast and precise response, excellent rigidity and support with very little weight. The MK-V Omega-R is an extremely solid build piece of equipment.

The Omega-R roll cage can also be utilised as a stand-alone unit in combination with regular camera support like fluid/geared heads and remote heads (stabilised 3rd axis) or even hand held. In combination with the fantastic iPhone app developed by Ruben Sluijter it is possible to dial the camera to any angle, record, playback and program roll moves without losing the benefits of the active stabilisation. This tool a great addition to the Omega and brings it to it’s full potential. The cage can spin the camera with over 360 deg. per second.

Although the MK-V Omega System has been designed to work with a great number of cameras – ranging from small HD to 35mm film and digital cameras – the lighter the camera setup, the greater the reach that can be achieved with the rigs center post extended.