Born and raised in London, Junior Agyeman Owusu is fast becoming an international creative. Since graduating from the University college of the creative arts (UCA) in Film, Junior has evolved into an artisan obsessed with photography, movement, film and light. Over the last 10 years, Junior has fallen in love with Steadicam. 

Movement, is the embodiment of the way in which things are seen. Lighting illuminates the eyes to see things in a beauty unmatched with anything else, whereas movement allows one to move through space with a fluidness that challenges our understanding of harmony. Understanding both lighting and movement is similar to appreciating the chemistry between the sun and the moon. As one illuminates, the other moves, both dancing in harmony as we, the planets, observe its beauty”.

Junior’s approach to Steadicam is no different. Since completing the Tiffen’s Silver workshop, his passion for movement has transformed with the aid of his new passion for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Capoeira & CrossFit, which keep him busy.

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